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Welcome to the world of Leentjes Amsterdam, producer of decorative sweets for pancakes, cake, deserts and waffles and producer of colorful and tasty baking mixes. Because we think the regular white icing sugar, the sugar sprinkles, the brown syrup and normal baking mixes are not so surprising, we invented Powder Fun, Sprinkle Fun, Syrup Fun and Baking Fun. Products as you know them but tastier and cheerfully colored.

Okay, playing with food is actually not allowed, but with Leentjes products it will be a lot of fun to decorate your delicious baked goods.

No artificial colors, flavors or fragrances are added to our products. To get the beautiful colors we only use natural dyes from fruits and plants.



Poeder Pret is gekleurde poedersuiker in de kleuren roze, blauw, geel en oranje om je pannenkoeken, poffertjes, wafels, taartjes of oliebollen nóg vrolijker en lekkerder mee te maken. We gebruiken alleen natuurlijk ingredienten en erwtenzetmeel, dus Poeder Pret is ook glutenvrij! Dus 100% natuurlijk voor 100% Pret!

Powder Fun is colored icing sugar in the colors pink, blue, yellow and orange to make your pancakes, waffles, cakes or deserts even happier and tastier. We only use natural ingredients and pea starch, so Powder Fun is also gluten-free! 100% natural for 100% fun!

Did you bake delicious cupcakes or did you make an impressive desert and do you want to decorate them nicely? You can use our Sprinkle Fun, full of cheerful and tasty decorative sprinkles with, among other things, letters, numbers, hearts, animals in many cheerful colors. Sprinkle Fun is colored with natural dyes with fruits and plants such as sweet potato, radish and lemon. The starch is a combination of wheat, potato and maize. In total there are 12 different decoration sprinkles so there is plenty to choose from!

Try our Leentjes Anise Fun and Coconut Fun! Puffed rice grains in all the cheerful colors of the rainbow with a delicious aniseed flavor.

And Coconut Fun in tropical colors with a delicious coconut taste.

Also delicious on cakes and desserts. Only 100% natural ingredients.

Do you like syrup on your pancake or your waffles? And do you think the brown syrup just a bit boring really? Syrup Fun is a delicious syrup in the colors red and green, colored with carrot and black currant and with apples and spirulina. 

We do not add any flavors or fragrances to the Syrup Fun. Syrup Fun is 100% natural and gluten-free!

With Cupcake Fun Mix you not only make the most delicious cupcakes, but also the happiest Cupcakes! That’s because we’ve added brightly colored confetti to the mix.

Have fun baking!

With this baking product you can bake the sweetest Cupcakes because we have added pink, purple and white hearts to the mix. And the Cupcakes also have a beautiful pink color.

Who will you make happy with this sweet treat?

With our baking mix for Biscuits Fun, you are guaranteed to have fun baking and eating these cookies because we added brightly colored confetti to this baking mix.

And there are plenty to share. Who will you make happy?

Our American Pancakes are unbelievable thick because they are full of confetti! And they are really delicious, so it’s a good thing that you can make 9 from one pack.

All confettis are colored with 100% natural dyes from plants and fruit.

Our Blijerkoeken will definitely make you happy! Delicious egg cakes, a special Dutch treat.

You can add a little color yourself with Leentjes Powder Fun.

You can make an infinite number of tasty cookie nuts with Leentjes baking mix for Fun Cookie Nuts. We have added cheerfully colored confetti for extra fun.

Enjoy them with your family and friends!

About Leentjes

Leentjes was founded in 2017 by a couple of enthusiastic parents, who really enjoy life. We are very happy when we sit at the diner table with our children and their friends, eating good food and hearing all the stories of the day. We therefore hope that all our products will be at your table!

We love to hear your ideas, tips and questions. Fill in the contact form to get in touch with us. We always respond!



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